It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in an exciting new program for OJC Religious School families called Family Chevruta.

Chevruta means fellowship. In the Jewish tradition the study of the bible and our great books is a dynamic activity. We engage in an ongoing conversation of the great Jewish texts and stories of our tradition. Nothing is more meaningful than a conversation between the generations when we explore the values and ideal of Judaism and how they apply to our daily lives.

With the assistance of a grant from Express Innovation, we hope to introduce you and your children in such a conversation.

Once a month the parents of 4th – 7th grade students are invited to join with us just before the end of religious school at 5:45 for study and discussion with a member of our religious school staff. At 6 pm, your children will then join you in the Beit Midrash (our new study center) and you will have the opportunity to study the same text with your children. They will be provided with a small snack before coming to the Beit Midrash to tide them over until they get home.

In September, we talked about Love and the Shema and the V’Ahavta. Check out some of our children’s responses.

In October, we talked about Justice and here are the children’s responses to the statement, “One thing that I will do to pursue Justice is…”

In December we talked about miracles and Chanukah. Here are the responses from the children completing the sentence, “If I could experience one miracle in the world today it would be…”

In January we talked about forgiveness. Here are responses from the children completing the sentence “Asking for and granting forgiveness is important because…”

In February we talked about the environment. Here are the responses from the children completing the sentence “One step my family and I will take to help save the environment is…”

In March we talked about the difference between love, honor, and awe–particularly as it relates to parents and family. Here are the student (and parent) responses.

Our hope is that parents and children will bring new insights and ideas to one another through this unique form of Jewish learning. This short program will conclude with a special wrap-up discussion at 6:15. It is our hope that the conversation will continue, from the Beit Midrash into the car and home.

We are excited to provide both students and parents with the opportunity to engage and explore Jewish texts rooted in Torah, Values, and Tradition.