OJC Library


Librarian: Paula Spector


(516) 764-4213


Our Library boasts one of the finest Judaic libraries in the metropolitan area with a comprehensive range of titles for adults and youngsters. The library includes an incredible collection of children’s books, music and films. New materials are added frequently thanks to the generosity of our many patrons.

Children visit our library at least once a week. While there our Librarian, Mrs. Spector, helps each child pick out an age-appropriate book to take home and read. For our younger children there is story time where Mrs. Spector reads and discusses a story with the children.

PJ Library Program: Do you like reading books with your kids? What about free Jewish books? PJ Library is a family engagement program sponsored by our congregation (a grant from the Popick Fund) and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation? Jewish books and CDs are sent to children ages six months to eight years old each month.

To register your children, visit: http://www.pjlibrary.org/parents-and-families/enrollment.aspx.

We are called the “People of the Book” and have a long heritage of reading and study. Our library gives helps our children learn to love to read. It also provides them with the opportunity to learn about our people and culture by reading a book about a Jewish Holiday, a fictional story with a Jewish theme or explore our rich history.

Shabbat Cart

Our library offers a Shabbat Cart filled with books you may browse through and borrow after services on Saturday mornings and holidays. The cart is located at the rear of the sanctuary; it will be moved down to the Multi-Purpose Room when services are conducted in the Hymowitz/Myers Chapel during the summer months. Look over our latest selections and “sign out” the items you would like to borrow using our signature-free system. Returns may be put on the bottom shelf of the cart, or brought to the library, the main office or the school office. Many congregants are enjoying library resources borrowed from the cart, and new titles will be added frequently. There are selections for children as well.

The library also offers a growing collection of DVDs and music CDs – kindly contact Paula (ojclibrarian@aol.com or 764-4213 ext 23) with any questions or requests to borrow a DVD or CD. We welcome all suggestions of titles to add to the OJC Library collection.

Find out what movies we have in our DVD Collection.

Library Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday – 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Thursday – 4:00 pm – 6:15 pm When Hebrew School is in session



Your contribution of $10 or more “in honor of” or “in memory of” will be acknowledged with a personalized note. Bookplates will be inscribed for donations of $18 or more, and a note will be sent. Kindly forward donations with all pertinent information to Davey LeBoyer through the library or the synagogue office.