Our members are the heart and soul of OJC, of our community. Because of the breadth of the programs and services we provide, we have members who have been with us for decades and those that have only recently joined because they want their kids to start learning more about Judaism in our Nursery and Religious Schools. We have singles and couples, old and young, with children and without and everything in between.

This year we have a special new membership category for those able to make a stronger financial commitment called Friend of OJC (please see below). We developed this after members expressed interest in being able to combine various benefits and contributions all in one single package.

No one is required to become a member, but membership is a powerful statement of support and commitment to the special Jewish community we have created here at OJC. Your membership and financial support also allows us to continue to provide our existing programs and services and even create new ones.

Please feel free to come to services, to attend events, receive our e-newsletter, HaDelet–The Doorway, to get a feel for the specialness of our community. We believe once you spend some time with us, you’ll want to stay and join.

Once you’re ready, please fill out our membership form and either mail it to the address below or email it to membership@oceansidejewishcenter.org.

 Oceanside Jewish Center
2860 Brower Ave
Oceanside NY 11572

Membership Category*

Friend of OJC: $4,200 (See below for details)

Family: $2,100

Single: $1,250

Family Senior (over 70): $1,750

Single Senior (over 70): $1,180

Young Family (either spouse is under 35): $1,250

Family out of town: $1060

Single out of town: $650

Please access the full membership dues schedule right here.
* New member special dues rates available – contact


Friend of OJC

This new category is open to everyone. Friend of OJC incorporates the following;

  • Membership
  • High Holiday tickets (including un-married children under 25)
  • Reserved seating at High Holidays services
  • Two Guest tickets to High Holidays
  • Your Kol Nidre pledge
  • Two tickets for dinner to the annual Journal Dinner Gala
  • Special recognition in Kol Nidre and Journal Gala publications
  • A reserved parking spot for year round use

Becoming a Friend of OJC is really about standing up for our community, about making your stamp on our organization, about ensuring our community is infused with the spirit and strength that has made this a wonderful place for so many incredible years and thousands of fortunate Jewish families.



Shomrim literally means Guardians, and with the financial crisis OJC is facing right now, we hope you will consider becoming a Guardian of OJC. This is a contribution in addition to your regular membership dues and Kol Nidre pledge.

By being a Friend or Guardian of OJC, you will also be a friend and guardian to every member who shares a Simchah or a loss in our community, to every Bar/Bat Mitzvah family, to every Religious School family, and, maybe most importantly, to every new member who experiences the soul and spirit of our Shul for the first time.

For more information please email OJCFriend@oceansidejewishcenter.org or contact our President, Ian Brecher, at 516-766-2123.