Passover at OJC

Passover is a wonderful holiday in Judaism and it is a special one at OJC. We have a collection of activities and events coming up in the next several weeks leading up to Passover.

Enjoy the video from our Religious School Seder and the photo slideshow below.



Kimcha D’Avshuna is this year’s Haggadah

Every year Rabbi Greenspan creates a new Haggadah (he has an incredible collection). Copies of this year’s Haggadah, Kimcha D’Avshuna, will be available free for anyone attending the siyyum at the Oceanside Jewish Center on Erev Pesah. If you would like a copy mailed or e-mailed to you, or if you would like to help with the publication of this work, we ask that you make a donation of $18. Please send a check to the Rabbis Discretionary Fund, Oceanside Jewish Center, 2860 Brower Avenue, Oceanside, NY 11572. Donations will be used to defray the cost of publication and to assist the OJC Sandy Recovery Fund.


Cantor Gadi Passover Collection

Cantor Gadi has a collection of Passover music that you may be interested in listening to. In fact, you can listen to it like a Jewish Jukebox right from the website. Check it out!


Passover Learning

Midrash, Mishagas, and Mitzraim: Learning how to playfully read the Bible and tell the story of the Exodus

Instructor: Peter Levy

Peter Levy is a fourth year Rabbinical School at the Academy of the Jewish Religion.

March 6, 13, and 20: 8:15 PM in the Multipurpose Room


Passover2Iron Chef Passover Program

Iron Chef Passover Program, sponsored by our Sisterhood, on Tuesday March 12 @ 7:30pm. For more information, check out the flyer.


OJC Sisterhood Judaica Store

The OJC Sisterhood Judaica Store will be having a Pre-Passover sale on March 12th from 9:30 to 3:00 in the Hebrew School Lobby.


Men’s Club Passover Wine Sale

This is the time to buy your wine and support OJC! We will be offering a special selection of fine wines from around the world to enhance your seder and support OJC! We offer you a unique opportunity to order the Kosher wines you need. The selection is great, from sweet to dry, with choices from around the world. If you are not familiar with the selection of Kosher wines available, you will be pleasantly surprised. If there is a wine or spirit you would like to purchase that is not on this list, please feel free to call. Buy something familiar…Try something new! Here is our list of wines and the order form. ALL ORDERS MUST BE IN BY Friday, March 15th. You will be called to pick up your order the week before Passover. Please remember that the cost of your purchase includes a donation to OJC.

A Very Chocolate Seder

Sunday, March 17 – 6:00 – 7:00pm – Grades 4-7

Monday, March 18 5:30 – 7:00pm – Grades 8-12

Jewish Oceanside Youth is hosting a Very Chocolate Seder. Check out the flyer.

Sell Your Hametz

According to tradition, it is forbidden to own any item or utensil used for Hametz or containing Hametz. Many Jews will “sell” their Hametz and OJC can help you do that. Check out our Sale of Hametz Form for more information.

Pre-Passover Shabbaton at OJC

There is also a pre-Passover Shabbaton right here at OJC. Rabbi Aviva Richman is a faculty member at Yeshivat Hadar and will be leading a couple of learning sessions on Friday March 22 and Saturday March 23. For more information, view our flyer, and check out the two main learning sessions.

Friday, March 22 at 7:45 PM – Learning with Aviva Richman Oneg Shabbat

Seder Night: A birthday party without the birthday cake? 

We’ll study early Jewish sources about Seder as a time for games and entertainment for kids – kind of like a birthday party.   But if this is a birthday party, whose birthday is it?  The more obvious answer is that it is the birthday of Israel as a people. The Hasidic Commentary, S’fat Emet, will bring us to a less obvious answer – that each of us should think of Passover as our very own birthday.


Saturday, March 23 at 11:30 AM   Bagels and Berachahs – Learning with Aviva Richman

Singing Hallel in the Dark:Passover is the one time a year where there is a longstanding tradition to say Hallel at night.  What does it mean to sing about redemption in a time of darkness?  Through a close look at Hallel and midrashim, we will explore the human imperative to join together in joy and praise, even when times are difficult.


Public Burning of the Hametz

March 25 at 9:30am – OJC Parking Lot

On the eve of Passover we take the final remnants of Hametz from our homes and burn them. One makes a declaration in this ceremony that any remaining bread or leavened products still on our possession shall be ownerless and ‘like the dust of the earth.’ In this way, we prepare ourselves for Pesach. Hametz symbolizes the evil inclination and arrogance. When we burn the finals bits of Hametz, we are committing ourselves to a process of self-purification and renewal.  We declare our commitment to rid the world of arrogance and violence so destructive to our well-being. The public burning will once again be conducted under the supervision of the Oceanside Fire Department.


Sunday, March 24th, 2013

Bedikat Hametz, Search for the Hametz after sundown


Monday, March 25th, First Seder

6:30 AM     Shacharit Service and “Fast of the First Born” Siyyum; breakfast served

9:30 AM     Biur Hametz, Removal and Burning of the Hametz,

Special communal burning at OJC supervised by the Oceanside Fire Department in the synagogue parking lot

6:15 PM      Ma’ariv – Holiday Service

6:57 PM      Candle Lighting

Seder should begin following the lighting of the Candles


Tuesday, March 26th, First Day of Pesach, Second Seder

9:00 AM     Yom Tov Service

6:15 PM      Minchah Ma’ariv Services – Holiday Services

7:00 PM      Candle Lighting

First Day of the Omer: Count the Omer at the end of the Seder


Wednesday, March 27th, Second Day of Passover

9:00 AM     Yom Tov Service

7:00 PM      Minchah Ma’ariv Services


Thursday, March 28th, First Day Hol HaMo’ed

6:45 AM     Shacharit Services

8:00 PM      Minchah Ma’ariv Services


Friday, March 29th,  Second Day Hol HaMo’ed

6:45 AM     Shacharit Service

7:00 PM      Minchah Ma’ariv Services


Saturday March 29th, Shabbat Hol HaMo’ed

9:00 AM     Shacharit Service

7:00 PM      Minchah-Ma’ariv Services
Sunday, March 30th, Fourth Day of Hol HaMo’ed

9:00 AM     Shacharit Service

7:00 PM      Minchah and Ma’ariv Services

6:57 PM      Candle lighting


Monday, April 1st, Seventh Day of Pesach

9:00 AM     Yom Tov Service

7:00 PM      Minchah Ma’ariv Services

7:03 PM      Candle lighting


Tuesday April 2nd, Eighth Day of Pesach YIZKOR

6:45AM      Early Yom Tov and Yizkor Service

9:00 AM     Yom Tov/Yizkor Service

7:00 PM      Minchah Ma’ariv Services

8:15 PM     Hametz may now be consumed