Who is A PTA Member?

Any member of the OJC congregation may pay dues and become a member of OJC PTA. So many members of the congregation became part of OJC by first enrolling their children in the Nursery School or Religious School. Even past Bar/Bat Mitzvah age, parents and their children continue to volunteer at PTA functions so that parents with young children can enjoy the events with their children. Many are our babysitters during the High Holidays taking care of our little ones.

However, most PTA members are the families of school enrollees, as they are the ones who play the most active role in the decisions made pertaining to school activities and participate in our events.

How Much Are PTA Dues?


We do not charge teachers or administrators PTA dues. They give us their time voluntarily and we appreciate their involvement as their presence enriches our events and fundraisers.

Why PTA Dues?

We are able to provide support to the schools from the income we make through dues and our fundraisers. Our PTA membership drive is in fact our most successful fundraiser! We are striving to reach 100% membership. We often make donations to OJC directly or to different funds in the name of someone, or use the funds for scholarships to Hebrew High School so those that want to continue Jewish learning may do so after Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Last year we were extremely proud. Due to our fundraising efforts we were able to make some much needed repairs to our playground. We made it safer for all the children to play and have fun. But we can’t do these fantastic things without our members!

What if I Am A Non-Jewish or Interfaith Family?

You certainly aren’t the only one! While OJC is a Conservative Jewish Synagogue based around Jewish learning, it is also a community where so many families join together and enjoy traditions and socialization on a regular basis. While we have several events throughout the year that are holiday related, we also have several events that are fun social gatherings that embrace our differences and make us feel like we belong to an extended family. Our “Purim Carnival” is so much fun that you will be waiting for it all year long.

What Are Some PTA Fundraisers?

We sell T-Shirts, Hats, Car Magnets and beach balls year round, and sell KidStuff Books (like the entertainment book, but better) in September. We hold a Scholastic Book Fair in October and a cookie dough/candle sale is scheduled for November. The Purim Carnival is our biggest fundraiser of the year, and that comes right before our Passover chocolate sale. We try to add on new things all the time. Last year, we tried-out a weekly Challah subscription on a limited basis in the Nursery School. It was so well received that we are expanding it to the entire congregation this year for the entire school year and bringing in a High Holiday Challah fundraiser as well.

How Is PTA A Part of the Larger OJC Family?

PTA is known as an “arm” of the synagogue. We are self-run, have our own budget and board and the President of PTA holds a seat on the OJC Board of Trustees. That means PTA has a voice and a vote in the major decisions that affect OJC. PTA makes sure there is a family service at the high holidays, that families of our youngest members are considered when planning events, such as Shabbat under the Stars, and that when changes are needed within the structure of OJC, PTA members are represented.

In the past year, PTA has been working with Sisterhood and Men’s Club to further our relationships and you will see both groups continuously showing support and volunteering their time at all of our events. In fact, many Sisterhood members are past PTA Presidents and Board members. It is one of PTA’s goals to always make an effort to support the other “arms” as well. In the coming year, there are some joint events planned so we can get to know one another better.

So, Are You Ready To Join PTA?

Remember, every effort, big or small, is always appreciated. Everything we do enriches the educational and social experience of YOUR child and YOUR family. Children love to see THEIR parent/grandparent take part.

Fill out this simple form to join us.

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