Rabbi Mark Greenspan lights fires at OJC and helps put them out in the town of Oceanside. He has been the spiritual leader of the Oceanside Jewish Center for over fifteen years and was chaplain of the Oceanside Fire Department. He was born in New York and raised in Florida; Rabbi Mark is a product of the Camp Ramah, USY, and Beth Torah Congregation in North Miami Beach. He is a graduate of the Joint Program of the Jewish Theological Seminary and Columbia University and was ordained at the Seminary in 1980.

Rabbi Greenspan has been a congregational rabbi for over thirty years, serving synagogues in New York, Tennessee and Pennsylvania. He is an active member of the Oceanside Interfaith Council, and is considered “unofficial rabbi” of the Friedberg JCC. Following the events of 9/11 Rabbi Mark joined the local fire department as a structural volunteer firefighter and chaplain. He has served as president of the Rabbinical Assembly of Nassau and Suffolk Counties and is active in interfaith affairs in the community.

Rabbi Greenspan has a special interest in all things Passover. He has a collection of over 1000 Haggadot from all over the world. For the past eleven years, he has translated a new Hebrew commentary on the Haggadah each year which is given out on the eve of Passover at the fast of the first born children. All of R’ Mark’s haggadot can now be found online at Sefaria.

Rabbi Greenspan is author of ‘Torah Table Talk,’ a weekly guide to the Torah portion, and is passionate about encouraging everyone to make time for the study of Torah in their daily life. At the bottom of his e-mails one can find the following words: “All it takes to study Torah is an open heart, a curious mind and a desire to grow a Jewish soul.” He invites you to discover the wisdom and wonder of our heritage!

Torah Table Talk:

Read some of R’ Greenspan’s Torah Table Talk here.


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