Have you registered your child for Religious school yet?

We are hard at work planning a exciting school year and are busy ordering all the materials your child will need to help them learn. Please contact our Religious school office if you are in need of the registration forms.

Click here to download the New Registration & Information Form and the Parent Information Form.

What We Offer

OJC offers an extensive Religious education starting from Kindergarten to Bar/Bat  Mitzvah, all the way through the Central Hebrew High School (in conjunction with area synagogues). We make extra efforts for children with special needs to get the help they deserve and are very proud of our child to child mentoring program within the school, as well as our Family Chavruta program that engages our parents in discussions with our children about values that we all want to instill in our children.

If you have any questions about the Religious School, please feel free to email Janet Jeddah, our Director of Education: relschool@oceansidejewishcenter.org.  To enroll, please fill out this Enrollment Form for 2015-2016.

There are some exciting programs and scheduling changes taking place for 2015 – 2016. Check back soon for our calendar and schedule of events!

Our 2015 Religious School Graduation


K-1st grades: Thursdays 4:15-6:15pm with special programming including library time, music, and art.

2nd and 3rd grades: Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:15-6:15. Students will participate in music, library time, and a continuation of our Parsha Parents Program (OJC has been the recipient of a grant to create an innovative program to bring various populations of the congregation together where our parent population is involved on a weekly basis. This program was started under Fran’s guidance last year and will be continuing this coming year. More details enclosed.)

4th-7th grades: Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:15-6:15. The day will be centered around two periods: Ivrit (Hebrew) and Yahadut (Jewish Life: 4th– Bible Stories, 5th– Life Cycle, 6th/7th– Holocaust and Jewish Ethics). Each day there will also be a rotating period for Tefillah (Prayer), synagogue skills, learning to read Torah, music, holiday celebrations and library.

Family Chevruta

We are proud to introduce our Family Chevruta (learn more by clicking on the link) for the 4-7th grade families. Once a month, at 5:45, parents will join us in our Beit Midrash to study a text related to a Jewish value. At 6pm, the students will join us and study the text with their parents. A short discussion will follow and the program will be finished by 6:30pm. More information and the dates of the program are included in this packet.

Family Shabbat or Minyan Mishpacha is  a monthly Saturday morning service geared towards the Religious School ages students and their parents. All are welcome!

If you have not already registered your child for the 2015-16 school year, please contact Andrea in the Religious School office at relschool@oceansidejewishcenter.org or at 516-536-6112 x12 (9am-2pm) or x19 (2pm-6pm).