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Jewish living does not stop at the doors of the sanctuary. We believe that it is the mission of an effective congregation to bring Judaism home. Special programs and family workshops help make Judaism accessible to people of all backgrounds and ages.

The Beth Shalom Oceanside Jewish Center Nursery School & Summer Camp offers a quality program in a very positive child centered environment. This is far more than just another pre-school program. Your child will begin their school experience in a very warm, friendly environment, carefully geared to the individual and unique needs of each child. The curriculum is structured to provide multiple levels of success, increasing the child’s self-esteem.

Children are taught to solve problems independently, to appreciate one another and are encouraged to work and play cooperatively, while living and learning about our rich Jewish heritage. Playtime is essential in children’s lives and through that play they learn about themselves, their culture, and the world in which they live. The school maintains a low student-teacher ratio in order to maximize the individual attention given to each child.

Designated by the The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism as a “School of Excellence”


Our Philosophy Towards An Excellent Jewish Education

We are committed to providing our children with a comprehensive Jewish education including the study of Hebrew, Torah (Bible), Tefillah (Prayer), Shabbat and Holidays, the history of the Jewish people and a weekly Jewish music program. Our synagogue library has an extensive collection of children and adult books that is used as an important resource room in our school. We believe that our children’s religious education extends beyond the classroom as children learn not only from our words, but also from our deeds. Therefore our school program is a partnership between the synagogue and the home, between parents, the Rabbi, teachers and others who work to provide our children with a quality Jewish Education. Our children must learn to model religious behavior by living an active, committed Jewish life that includes study, worship and acts of kindness in their daily lives.

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Nursery School

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