There is a simple and easy way for OJC members and supporters to help give back to OJC. It is a special fundraising program called SCRIP. It doesn’t involve you donating any more money, just that you buy through this program the things you would buy anyway. Do you shop at Waldbaum’s, Pathmark, CVS, Walgreens, Starbucks, Michael’s, Macy’s and so many other places? If you do, you could help raise money for OJC just from continuing to buy from those stores.

For example, say you buy approximately $2000 per year in groceries. You would buy ahead of time through the SCRIP program to a listed grocery (Stop n Shop, Walbaums, etc). If you buy a $50 SCRIP card you get $50, nothing deducted – yet OJC gets generally 5% or in the example above $100. Now multiply that by 400 families and OJC makes $40,000 in revenue. And that is just from groceries. The potential can be greater if you can find others ways to use SCRIP to the other participating stores listed – you can for example buy them as gift cards to give out for special occasions.

Because this is such an easy yet important way to support OJC, the OJC Board of Trustees voted to make it a requirement that every member either participates by buying a specific amount of SCRIP or paying a “fee” not to participate. This was not meant as a “punishment” to us members but to encourage participation in the program. It costs us members nothing to participate but has a great potential to bring in serious revenue to OJC.

Please click here to view the SCRIP Order Form – FRONT page and BACK page – which is due August 1, 2013. Please print it, fill it out, and send it in with your check.

Contact Dale Singer at to participate. Your participation in SCRIP is another way to help OJC continue as a Kehillah Kedoshim, a sacred community.