Just as there are so many reasons to want to recognize or remember someone special, there are almost as many ways you can do so at OJC. For more information or to volunteer, please email SupportOJC@oceansidejewishcenter.org.

Whether someone you care about has just had a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, given birth, had an Aliyah, gotten married, read HafTorah, or any number of other special moments, there are unique ways to share your joy.

You can make your Tribute securely online via PayPal (where you can use your PayPal account or your credit card). Please be sure to include a note informing us of the specific Tribute you are making. We’ll follow up to make sure we get it accurate.


In Honor

Sponsor Oneg/Kiddush

Sponsor Shabbat Flowers

Sponsor HaDelet – The Doorway, OJC’s email newsletter

Sponsor Rabbi Greenspan’s Torah Table Talk newsletter

Sponsor the website


When we lose someone we care deeply about we often find ourselves wanting to make sure they aren’t forgotten, that their mark on our lives continues on. Donating something in their memory will not only inscribe their name on a Siddur or something else from the list below, but it will also make a mark on the OJC community itself.


In Memory/Dedication

Beit Midrash Book Case

Beit Midrash Coffee Corner

Beit Midrash Book Shelf

Beit Midrash New Book Acquisitions



Books for Library

DVDs/CDs for Library


Even if you’re not honoring or remembering someone special, there are still ways to help support OJC even beyond the options mentioned above.


Other ways

Nursery and Religious School supplies

Religious School Books


 For more information or to volunteer, please email SupportOJC@oceansidejewishcenter.org.