Junior Congregation

Shabbat is a vital part of our tradition and we view Junior Congregation as an integral part of our curriculum. These services prepare the students for congregational worship, which is basic to Jewish tradition. Students are given the opportunity to practice prayer skills that are learned within the classroom .

Junior Congregation Dates:

September 15

September 29

October 13

October 27

November 3

November 10

December 1

December 15

January 12

January 26

February 9

March 2

March 16

April 6

April 20

May 11

May 18

Several times throughout the year the morning Shabbat events will be replaced by special events on Friday evening, Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning.

Classes on Shabbat morning are held in accordance with the laws of Shabbat so that no writing or other prohibited activities are involved.

A Family Shabbat Service is held on the first Friday night of each month. This service is lead by Rabbi Greenspan and Cantor Gadi Elon. The service is an abbreviated Kabbalot Shabbat services designed for families with young children. The children have the opportunity to learn how to sing the Friday night Shabbat songs. Each months service includes a special theme depending on the time of the year.


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