Kol HaNeshama Minyan

Voice of Soul

The Kol HaNeshama (KHNS) Minyan is a lay led service and encourages joint davening and participation. It has received an award from the New York Metropolitan Region of United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism for Excellence in Synagogue Programming.

KHNS meets once a month downstairs in the multi-purpose room creating an intimate and informal environment, as an alternative to Oceanside Jewish Center’s regular traditional Shabbat Service that is held upstairs in our Main Sanctuary.  At each service our voices sound a little stronger as we feel more comfortable with the chanting of the prayers and the melodies.

The KHNS Shabbat service has just completed its 6th year at Oceanside Jewish Center. Please join us in helping to shape the future and growth of the service. Email us at khns@oceansidejewishcenter.org if you have any questions or are interested in reading torah or a haftorah or giving a d’var torah.

We welcome everyone to join us, bring your friends and ideas to help enhance our service with you. Services Start at 9:30 AM. We have kiddish with the traditional service upstairs.

We also now hold an informal study session during the 9 to 9:30 AM  half hour before the start of the KHNS service in the Bet Midrash. It is usually an engaging discussion about the  weekly torah portion. We are planning to continue this practice before each KHNS service.  We are looking forward to your participation and input about areas of Jewish learning for the group to discuss.

Below is the 2013-14 Shabbat service schedule for KHNS’s upcoming 7th year!

Sept 21th (2013) – Chol Hamod Succot
Oct 26th - Chayei Sarah
Nov 23rd - Vayeshev
Dec 14th - Vayechi
Jan 11th  (2014) – Beshalach
Feb 8th  – Tetzaveh
March 15th - Tzav  Shabbat Zachor Erev Purim
April 26th  – Kedoshim
May 31st  – Naso
June 28th - Korach